Bridal Party Package | $249

Can be for the Bachelorette Party, Bridal Shower, or Wedding Weekend.

2 Hours – up to 6 people

Party begins with our Café’s Farm-to-Table Charcuterie Board and beverages of choice in the Spa as the Bride receives a 30 Minute Pampering with a Hot Herbal Foot Soak and Neck Wrap, followed by our Eco-fin Hand & Foot Restorative Moisturizing Treatment, and a blissful scalp and face massage.

Everyone then gathers to set some special wedding day intentions and settle in for a 60 minute Blissful Bride Mindful Yoga Session with all her favorite peeps! This is a wonderful way to connect to one another and breathe in the beautiful journey ahead… 

A fun, special gift will await the bride on her yoga mat to commemorate the day!

groomsmen package

Groomsmen Package | $249

2 Hours – up to 6 people

Party begins with our Café’s Farm-to-table Charcuterie Board and Beverages, served in our Rustic Log Tavern. Within this location, the Groom will receive a 30-minute Rejuvenating Upper Body Chair Massage, with a Warm Herbal Neck Wrap, Restorative Hand Treatment, and a Smooth Arturo Fuente Cigar. The following hour gathers everyone in for a Yin Yoga class, often called Meditation in Motion. This time together enhances the wedding experience, which is not only bonding, but also grounding, and brings awareness to the present moment…guiding the mind to set good intentions for the wedding day and the couple's new future…

(Additional cigars are available as an add-on)

Spa setting with natural olive soap and sea salt on wooden table

Anytime Enhancements | $50/30 minutes each

  • Eco-fin Hand/Foot/Back Herbal Moisturizing Treatment 
  • Scalp/Face/Neck & Shoulder Massage 
  • Brightening Exfoliation Treatment – Face, Neck, Décolleté, Shoulders, Arms and Hands
group yoga

Other Yoga & Meditation Options

  • Group Gentle/Restorative Yoga  – 60 minutes/up to 6 people $125
  • Private Gentle/Restorative Yoga – One on one $75.00 / Two or more $125
  • 60 Minute Guided Meditation  - Same as yoga pricing/Group or Private
  • 60 Minute Couples Outdoor Hiking Experience / $75