How to Make the Most of Your Time at the Delmont Apple Festival

Each year, our scenic destination transforms from a lush green space into a paradise showcasing the warm reds, vibrant oranges, and bright yellows of fall foliage. To celebrate this special time of year, experience the Delmont Apple Festival, one of the most wonderful Laurel Highlands events. Officially known as the Delmont Apple ‘n Arts Festival, this two-day extravaganza in early October offers live entertainment, an array of crafts for sale, and of course, an abundance of red apples. Attending this unique fall festival in Delmont, PA, just 27 miles from Oak Lodge, will make a great addition to your getaway!Oak Lodge

After you experience the wonderful Delmont Apple Festival, explore the picturesque beauty of fall in the Laurel Highlands. To find the best things to do, request 24-hour access to our free Vacation Guide! You’ll have our top recommendations for local restaurants, area attractions, and outdoor adventures right in the palm of your hand. As you scroll through this our trip planning time saver, you’ll find a collection of featured rooms and relaxing amenities at our rustic bed and breakfast!

Delmont Apple Festival and Everything You Need to Know

Before you attend the Delmont Apple Festival, read over our local insights to find the best ways to immerse yourself in our culture. As a general rule, bring cash to pay for parking and to purchase products!    

Where to Park

When you arrive, you’ll park at the nearby Shield’s Farm or at the Steel City Raceway lot. If you park at the Raceway, there will be a shuttle offering complimentary service to the Delmont Apple ‘n Arts Festival beginning at 9:30 a.m. When you pay for your parking, feel comforted knowing your money benefits local organizations!

Apples ‘n Art Events

As you walk up to the entrance, you’ll not only be welcomed by inviting locals but also notice the thousands of freshly picked apples housed in the main building. In fact, each of these ripe red delights is transformed by a 1907 antique press into over 5,000 gallons of delicious cider. Whether you preferred yours warmed or chilled, it’s the perfect way to enjoy the tastes of autumn in the Laurel Highlands!

With a cup of this refreshing delight in hand, peruse the more than 230 craft and food vendors. From small crafts to larger masterpieces, you’ll find the perfect addition to your home at the Delmont Apple Festival. In addition, you’ll also find a variety of homemade goods to enjoy like fudge, apple butter, crab cake sandwiches, popcorn, cotton candy, hoagies, and so much more!  

One of the other features of this wonderful festival,  you’ll also see several events happening. In the past, these occurrences included Baby Apple Cheeks, the Apple Bake Contest, petting zoos, and Well Springs Jumping Balloon. You’ll also hear live music!

What’s on DisplayDelmont Apple Festival

In affiliation with local organizations, the volunteer board of the Delmont Apple ‘n Arts Festival presents unique showcases to participate each year. Another important piece of this event is the Fort Allen Antique Farm Equipment Association and the exhibit of tractors. If you’re feeling lucky, enter your name in the raffle for a chance to win the top-prize tractor. Before you leave, take a picture with your favorite one!

Welcome Autumn at Oak Lodge

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