What Can You Expect to See at Derry Railroad Days?

perspective shot of endless forrest with overlaying text download our free vacation guideHistory is fascinating to explore, especially when you’re in a state as culturally rich as Pennsylvania. How much more fun would it be if history came alive during your visit? We know the perfect event for that. Derry Railroad Days is the perfect festival for those wanting to learn more about the railroad heritage of the Laurel Highlands while having fun with loved ones. Read on to learn more about this event and start planning your visit with us today! To get even more local recommendations, make sure you download our free Vacation Guide! It features some of our favorite restaurants, shops, museums, outdoor adventures, and more.


Here’s What You Should Know About Derry Railroad Days


Pennsylvania Railroad History

Where would we be without the invention of the train? This splendid 19th-century invention revolutionized society and allowed the country to evolve in an unprecedented way, especially in Pennsylvania. It’s precisely this heritage that the Derry Railroad Station aims to preserve for future generations.


What Is Derry Railroad Days?

Derry Railroad Days allows you to experience all Pennsylvania’s rich railroad history for three days in September, during which many activities and history-related events take place. It’s the ideal festival for history buffs wishing to learn more about Pennsylvania’s past, and a must-see if you’re staying with us during that time. After all, Derry is only 30 minutes away from Oak Lodge!


Entertainment and Activities

What can you do at Derry Railroad Days? The answer is: Many of fun things! A parade, picnic, live music, and food/drink vendors are among the entertainment and activities held at the festival. Enjoy a cold glass of locally brewed beer, a delicious pretzel, and roam through the various craft booths that sell clothes, jewelry, stained glass, pottery, and many more.


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