Why You Should Take a Spin on the Great Allegheny Passage

perspective shot of endless forrest with overlaying text download our free vacation guideOver the river and through the woods to the Great Allegheny Passage we go! This 150-mile biking trail spans from Cumberland, MD, to Pittsburg, PA. The trail, while long, is friendly for avid cyclists of most skills levels because of its almost-flat surface. This trail has no shortage of breathtaking views as bikers ride alongside calmly flowing rivers and through Cumberland Narrows. Oak Lodge is one-third of the way toward Pittsburg, PA, the passage’s final destination. Complete your tranquil escape by stopping at Oak Lodge along the way. Request our free Vacation Guide today for more information and to start planning your trip with us!


These 3 Things Make the Great Allegheny Passage Better than Great

It’s Affordable

There’s always a small victory in saving money while on vacation. It feels good to have that wiggle room in your budget to splurge on other expenses when you save here and there. The Great Allegheny Passage is the perfect way to have a great time while creating space in your budget for a dinner at one of these amazing restaurants or our in-house spa services because it’s free to ride! Bring your own bike or rent from a variety of surrounding bike shops. Don’t forget to explore the free natural beauty of Ohiopyle State Park as you pass through!


It’s Historically Rich

Politics and American history aren’t something that you typically think about while pedaling your bike on a trail. Well, unless you’re a history buff and listening to the podcast “American History Tellers.” It’s OK if you don’t. This trail gets even better, though, if you do. The ground and waters on and surrounding this passage are filled with American history and create an especially enriched experience for history buffs. The trail between Cumberland and Pittsburg fed into George Washington’s idea of Westward expansion and what trade routes would look like. Be sure to read up on the far and deep historical significance behind the region before you visit!


It’s Good for Your Health

If you’re one who loves to be on the go, our location in the Laurel Highlands lends itself to boundless outdoor activities like biking and hiking. We’ve even picked out the four best hiking trails for you to conquer during your stay! An article published in Cycling Weekly delves deep into how exercise, specifically biking, can improve your health. You’re probably familiar with cycling’s cardiovascular, weight loss, and muscle benefits. But did you know that cycling is a natural way to improve your mental health through the release of endorphins and adrenaline? Relax your mind and improve your physical health while on your Great Allegheny Passage getaway.


Let Oak Lodge Host You at the 47 Mile Marker

According to Bicycle Touring Pro, a touring cyclist can bike anywhere between 40-60 miles per day. That’s about one-third of this trail’s path, give or take. So, stop at Oak Lodge at the 47th mile and stay the night in our Dove’s Nest King Suite, which has a private bath for soaking your muscles after a long day of cycling. Once you’re well-rested from your slumber in the king-size bed, fuel up with a hearty breakfast of homemade granola and yogurt the next morning, and get back on your bike!

Ready to start planning your stay with us during your 150-mile trek on the Great Allegheny Passage? Check out a full list of our accommodations and book today!