Why You Need to Visit Haunted Hills Estate in Uniontown, PA

If you enjoy feeling your spine shivering while hearing tall tales of terror or stories of ominous spectators roaming in the night, then watch these accounts come to life at the annual Haunted Hills Estate in Uniontown, PA. This eerie attraction helps you to welcome the Halloween season in the Laurel Highlands. Whether you wish to scare your partner or be terrified yourself, this destination makes a supernatural addition to your trip.

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An Evening at Haunted Hills Estate in Uniontown, PA

If you wish to see the frightening sights and hear the creepy sounds of the Haunted Hills Estate in Uniontown, PA, this year, you’ll be in for a trick (or treat). Use our local insights to find out how to make the most of your time at this seasonal attraction! Before you go, order your tickets online or contact one of the staff to reserve your scary adventure!

The History Behind This Estate

Once a prospering family in the early 20th century, Hills Estate belonged to Eleanor and Edgar Hill. The couple and their 13 children presented an annual festival to showcase the natural allure of the property. After many years passed, the grounds could no longer bear crops and became haunted due to a series of unfortunate events. As you walk around, ask one of scary characters more about the complex past of this chilling place!

The Main Adventures

When you enter the front gate, enjoy the thrilling activities for a mysterious evening in the Laurel Highlands. Here’s what you can expect during the three attractions at the Haunted Hills Estate in Uniontown, PA.

  • Voodoo Forest– Step into the realm of Priestess Mambo Ava Kay to discover how this community leader became the ruler of the forest. You’ll also have the chance to walk down the frightening Haunted Hills Estate Challenge Trail.
  • Legends of Torment– Meander through the hallowed halls of this treatment center and the meet the patients went under the knife for experimental procedures.
  • The Doll Factory– Explore the doomed workshop of Mr. Friedrich, a doll collector and creator, who bought the wrong porcelain figurine.

Each of these ghastly haunted houses features scary characters, eerily accurate renditions, and spooky sounds. You don’t want to miss this scary event, the perfect Halloween destination!

When to Visit

If you dare to purchase tickets, the Haunted Hill Estate in Uniontown, PA, is open on weekends from the middle of September until the beginning of November. There will also be select Thursdays and Sundays that the establishment will welcome guests. If you’ll be in town and wish to visit, we recommend reviewing the schedule beforehand!

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