What Makes Helltown Brewing so Special?

One of the great perks of visiting the Laurel Highlands (apart from the gorgeous scenery) is visiting a wide variety of top-notch breweries. Beer lovers can taste delicious craft creations while relaxing with their loved ones after a long day in the great outdoors. Helltown Brewing is one of our favorite spots. Keep reading to find out why!

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Here’s What You Need to Know About Helltown Brewing


What is Helltown Brewing?

Helltown Brewing is a great local brewery in Mt. Pleasant, PA, only 20 minutes away from Oak Lodge. It’s the perfect stop on the way back from your day trip! This craft brewery is “hell-bent” on creating quality drinks. They offer a laid-back patio featuring string lights, and a spacious taproom. They’re praised for being the best brewery in the area– one that strive to stay as authentic as possible. They also regularly host food trucks, so you can pair your delicious pint with a phenomenal wood-fired pizza, tacos, and more! 

Note: Helltown Brewing has a big parking lot at the back end of the building. It’s also kid- and pet-friendly!

What Kind of Beers Do They Serve?

If you ask locals, Helltown Brewing serves some of the best beers in the area. Here are a few we highly recommend:


Reaper’s Harvest: 7% rye ale that pairs really well with seafood, spicy food, and gorgonzola.

Mischievous: 5.5% brown ale that’s perfect with grilled salmon, roast pork, and aged gouda. 

Buffy: 6.7% hazy IPA that goes perfectly with B.B.Q. and sharp cheddar. It’s a perfect pair for your grilled cheese! 

Hefeweizen: 5% brew that you can sip while eating a fresh salad and goat cheese. 

Hop Frenzy: 5.8% IPA that’s perfect if you have room for dessert!


Other Breweries in the Laurel Highlands

Do you want to discover more Laurel Highlands breweries? Rivertowne Brewing is only twenty miles away from Pittsburgh and offers an incredible selection of beers, exciting events, and soft pretzels! Voodoo Brewery is also a great local favorite and has six locations throughout the region: in Erie, Homestead, Meadville, Compound, Grove City, and Lancaster.

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