Your Guide to the Best Laurel Highlands Events

perspective shot of endless forrest with overlaying text download our free vacation guideCongratulations! You’ve picked the Laurel Highlands as your next travel destination. By now, you must know about the beauty of our rolling hills, the lush forests and state parks you can explore, and the many fun activities available. But, are you aware of the fabulous events in our area? On your next vacation, join the locals at one of our favorite Laurel Highlands events! Read on to learn about the top annual events nearby and plan your trip around one. If you want even more insight, we recommend using our free Vacation Guide. It has excellent recommendations for local restaurants, museums, shops, outdoor adventures, and more!

You’ll Never Run Out of Things to Do With These 8 Laurel Highlands Events


The PA Maple Festival

Late March is a magical time in the Laurel Highlands, and this is partly due to the PA Maple Festival! Celebrate the highly anticipated winter harvest and sample some of the best maple syrup in the area. On top of tastings, you can enjoy several activities like the Festival Park event, a quilt show, and a parade!


Seven Springs Brewski Festival

Seven Springs Brewski Festival takes over the Laurel Highlands in late April. During this event, beer lovers can sample beverages from local brewers as well as world-renowned names like New Belgium, Du Claw, Elysian, and Blue Point. In addition to specialty craft brews, you’ll also get to discover local food! Try the poutine, the Seven Springs Mountain Resort’s Bison X Burger, and the delightful roasted chicken pot pie.


National Road Festival

The National Road Festival pays homage to the past. Indeed, this May event celebrates the creation of the historic National Road, a 300-mile route conceived by George Washington. It’s the perfect festival for history buffs! The event takes place in various towns like Somerset, Fayette, and Washington County and offers a wide variety of activities. Listen to live music, discover local arts and crafts, enjoy delicious food, and take a step back in time!


Ligonier Highland Games

The Ligonier Highland Games happen every year in September and keep Scottish traditions alive in the Laurel Highlands! Bring your plaid and a picnic and get ready for a day filled with exciting activities. Some of our favorites include fiddling, harping, Scottish weaving, and piping!


Stahlstown Flax Scutching Festival

Get ready for some fun at the Stahlstown Flax Scutching Festival! It’s another favorite for history buffs. This September event has been held for over 150 years. Travel back to the 1800s and see what people dressed like back in the day, learn old plant harvesting techniques, listen to live music, and enjoy a stroll through downtown where you can take a look at Civil War exhibitions.


Mountain Craft Days in Somerset

Mountain Craft Days is one of the best fall festivals in the Laurel Highlands. Get an inside look at specialty crafts and handmade masterpieces from the first settlers in our area. Discover a faux 18th-century farmstead with a quaint cabin, enjoy delicious food prepared over an open flame, and browse the hundreds of crafts for sale.


Fort Ligonier Days

Fort Ligonier Days is the perfect occasion to wave goodbye to summer and celebrate the arrival of fall in October. This three-day festival features a lively parade down the streets of Ligonier, plus live music and a battle reenactment of the French and Indian War on October 12, 1758. The Ligonier Fort was a pivotal win for British forces and allies and stopped the advancement of the French Army.


Delmont Apple Festival

October is also the peak time for apples! Head to the Delmont Apple Festival and watch delicious red apples as they’re being turned into cider. With a cup of this refreshing drink in hand, you can browse 230 craft and food vendors and sample homemade products such as apple butter, fudge, and hoagies!


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