4 Laurel Highlands State Parks You Need to Know About

If you consider yourself a nature lover, then the Laurel Highlands are the dream playground for you. Our region is so diverse that it can be overwhelming to choose a park to visit. However, you can breathe a sigh of relief! Indeed, in this blog, we’ll tell you all about our favorite Laurel Highlands state parks. No more searching the internet endlessly for reviews – we created the perfect local ranking for that! So, are you ready? Read on, take notes, and start planning your adventure.  

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Reconnect with Nature at These 4 Laurel Highlands State Parks 

 Ohiopyle State Park  

One of our favorite state parks in the Laurel Highlands, and one we often recommend to our guests, is Ohiopyle State ParkThis stunning area encompasses more than 20,500 acres, with lush forest, beautiful waterfalls like the Ohiopyle Falls and Cucumber Falls, and the refreshing Youghiogheny River. You can choose from a wide array of activities, including top-notch hiking, whitewater rafting, biking, horseback riding, hunting, and even fishing.  

Laurel Summit State Park  

If you’re looking for a smaller park to exploreLaurel Summit State Park is ideal. This six-acre park is located at the heart of the Linn Run Forest and features beautiful hiking trails, like the Wolf Rocks Trail that displays gorgeous rock formations. The Laurel Summit State Park is also a great spot for horseback riding! 

Kooser State Park 

Kooser State Park is another great Laurel Highlands state park to visit. Not only is it just 30 minutes away by car from Oak Lodge, but it also offers a fabulous setting for an adventure. Spend a day exploring its 250 acres and even a pack a picnic to enjoy by the lake! Note that Kooser State Park offers ADA access for people with disabilities.  

Laurel Hill State Park 

Lastly, our No.4 Laurel Highlands park is Laurel Hill State Park! It features 4,062 acres of pristine nature with crystalline waterfalls and lovely hiking trails. It’s also a marvelous spot for kayaking if you want to take your loved ones on a fun adventure. 

Rest Your Legs at Oak Lodge 

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