How to Have the Best Time at the Laurel Mountain State Park

Do you dream of a picture perfect outdoor vacation? We know the struggle of wanting to hit the slopes long after winter is over, but there’s a solution. What if we told you that you can enjoy the gorgeous slopes of Pennsylvania after the slow has melted? All you have to do is visit Laurel Mountain State Park! Surprise your family with an exciting hiking vacation this summer, and come back in the winter to ski and snowboard down the oldest slopes in Pennsylvania. Read on to find out more about the Laurel Mountain State Park and start planning your trip today!


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Discover Everything You Can Do at Laurel Mountain State Park


Experience the Oldest Skiing and Snowboarding Area in PA

When you spend a day at Laurel Mountain State Park, you are not going to just any location! You are stepping foot on the oldest ski and snowboard area in the state of Pennsylvania. This 70-acre state park first opened in 1939 and quickly became a ski capital for Pittsburgh residents wanting to escape the city, as well as a local favorite!


Indulge in Winter and Summer Activities

The most impressive feature of the park is that it offers the opportunity to ski and snowboard during the winter, but also to hike and bike during the warmer days! There’s no need to wait for winter to come; you can enjoy the perks of mountain life without the hassle of scraping ice off your windshield. From sunrise to sunset, visitors can explore the state park with friends and family. Plus, all levels are welcome to enjoy the Laurel Mountain State Park slopes in the winter, making it one of the best places for skiing in the Laurel Highlands.


Cozy Up at the Ski Lodge

Skiing, snowboarding, biking, and hiking all day can be tiring, especially for your leg muscles! When exhaustion sets in, there’s only one thing to do – take a break and sip on a delicious drink. Luckily, Laurel Mountain State Park offers various options at the resort. At Wildcat Lounge and the Laurel House Cafe, you can taste the best of the Laurel Highlands with treats such as prime brisket sandwiches and pretzel bites. Don’t forget a hot cocoa! There’s nothing like this famous winter drink to put you in the skiing mood.


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