Join in the Festivities at the Ligonier Highland Games This September

What do the crisp air of autumn, Celtic culture, and fascinating competitions have in common? That’s everything you’ll experience at the Ligonier Highland Games on September 23, 2017! This lively celebration is one of the 4 Fall Festivals, which are held every September. Each year, the main event is held in the scenic Ligonier Valley at Idlewild Park and serves as the annual gathering place for all the Clans in the Laurel Highlands. Whether you trace your genealogy back to the Celtic culture or just want to experience something exciting, attending this event will make a festive addition to your getaway!

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Why You Need to Experience the Ligonier Highland Games 2017

Bring your plaid clothes, sense of wonder, and cheering spirit with you before attending the Ligonier Highland Games. You should also bring cash to buy your tickets, food, and memorabilia for this year’s festivities. Read over our local insights to get a better understanding of what’s happening at the Games!

How It All Began

Since 1959, volunteers and the Clan Donald Educational and Charitable Trust present the annual Ligonier Highland Games. The event began as a traditional picnic and slowly turned into an important showcase in Ligonier, PA. Now, This festival promotes and preserves the fascinating culture of Scottish settlers in our area. As you walk around these festivities, you’ll see hundreds of proud Scots competing in the games or watching the exciting activities!

Activities to Enjoy

This unique celebration showcases Scottish traditions in the Laurel Highlands and continues to live on through the Ligonier Highland Games. Here’s a sample of what’s happening this year!

  • Fiddling
  • Harping
  • Dance competition
  • Flowers of the Forest
  • Heavy Athlete contest
  • Tartans
  • Scottish weaving
  • Southminster Ringers
  • Drumming
  • Piping
  • Gaelic Mod
  • Scottish pups

Don’t forget to download the map of these Scottish games to know where all of the excitement will be!

What to Indulge In

While you’re watching the thrilling competitions and other activities, taste the rich flavors of Celtic culture. Treat yourself to something savory like the lamb burgers and other Gaelic delicacies from Jamison Farms. You can also order a Guinness or any other craft beer from the tent near the Carousel to pair with your wonderful meal. If you want to picnic and watch the Ligonier Highland Games, be sure to bring a towel or chairs!

Other Events This Fall

The Ligonier Highland Games is not the only cultural celebration happening in September. In fact, there are three other events in the 4 Fall Festivals extravaganza. Each of these events is a preservation of our intricate past and features the simplicity of life before the Industrial Revolution. These other festivals are:

Whichever one you decide to enjoy on your autumn getaway to our rustic bed and breakfast, you’re sure to make the most of our time in the Laurel Highlands!

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Welcome autumn in the Laurel Highlands with Oak Lodge this year!