Here Are All the Amazing Things You Can Do at Mammoth Park, PA!

You’ve decided to spend your vacation in Pennsylvania, and it’s a great choice! Our beautiful state has so much to offer that you can’t possibly get bored. If you wish to spend time outdoors, you’ll be glad to discover that there’s an abundance of places to explore and activities to enjoy. In fact, Mammoth Park, PA, is the perfect pick. Hike amongst the beautiful scenery, pack a lunch and picnic under the lush trees, ride a bike, and even go fishing! Don’t wait another minute; read on to find out why you should spend an afternoon at Mammoth Park.


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Have Fun With the Ones You Love at Mammoth Park, PA


Why Mammoth Park?

Mammoth Park, PA, is a lovely place to spend an afternoon when you visit Pennsylvania. And, it’s only 20 minutes away from Oak Lodge! With a beautiful forest and 24-acre freshwater lake, this park makes for the perfect day trip activity. Take a breath of fresh air away from the city, explore nature’s wonders, and unwind from all your stress and worries.


What Can You Do at Mammoth Park?

Mammoth Park offers a wide range of activities for you to enjoy during your visit. Whether you are alone, with your significant other, or with your entire family, you are sure to find something fun to do. Some of our favorite activities include:


  • Fishing on the lake
  • Kayak expeditions
  • Tennis, hiking, and biking
  • Channelling Tony Hawk at the skatepark
  • Going down the giant slide in the play area
  • Hunting


Local Tip: Be sure to stop at the observation deck for a breathtaking scenic view!



Mammoth Park also organizes several events throughout the year that you can attend. Here are a couple you don’t want to miss!


Mammoth Fest

Every year in June, Mammoth Fest welcomes hundreds of visitors for a day of festivities! Food, live entertainment, and children’s attractions are available, as well as 40 vendors and an arts and crafts show.


Fishing Derbies

One Sunday a month from April until June, Mammoth Park, PA, hosts free fishing derbies! Adults and teenagers (age 16 and over) with a fishing license are welcome to participate. It’s a great way to have fun and enjoy the scenery! You can also win prizes if you are lucky.


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