Challenge Yourself at the Annual Mud on the Mountain Event in PA

Are you an adrenaline junkie? Do you love to challenge yourself while discovering beautiful new places? If so, the Laurel Highlands is the ideal place for you. In fact, we even have the perfect event you can attend! Mud on the Mountain is a rigorous but fun obstacle course in the mud that attracts hundreds of people each year. Enter the competition and be one of the contestants this year! 

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Are You Ready to Push Your Limits at the Mud on the Mountain Event? 

What Is Mud on the Mountain?

Mud on the Mountain is one of the most highly anticipated events in the Laurel Highlands. This annual event happens in May at the Seven Springs Mountain Resort and consists of a 7.7-mile run. Get ready to cross ponds, trek through boulder fields, climb over high obstacles, and claw your way under logs and wires before you reach the finish line. It’s the perfect occasion to challenge yourself in a stunning mountain setting, and make friends with other outdoor lovers! 

Rules and Restrictions

Before you embark on the exciting adventure that is Mud on the Mountain, there are a few things to keep in mind. We highly recommend you register for this event by early May at the latest and pick your desired starting heat or time slot. Each heat consists of 300 contestants and leaves every 15 minutes after 8 a.m. So, the sooner you know which one you’ll be in, the better you can plan your trip accordingly.


You might wonder: do I win any cash prize at the end of the run? Sadly, you do not. However, it does give each contestant the opportunity to brag and build camaraderie with fellow runners and friends! True running lovers will understand this rewarding feeling of accomplishment. And, don’t worry, you won’t go home empty-handed! As you cross the finish line, a moisture-wicking T-shirt and a medal will be waiting for you.


Who says fun has to stop once the run is over? Cool down as you walk to The Recovery Party at The Foggy Goggle! This mountainside restaurant is the perfect place to come together, share stories, compare finishing times, and enjoy ice-cold beverages. There will be a special “Mud on the Mountain” menu available so that you can replenish your energy after the grueling race. All the post-competition activities will be set to live music.

Rest and Relax at Oak Lodge

cabin 16 bathroomAfter having the time of your life at the annual Mud on the Mountain event, come home to a cozy and relaxing room at Oak Lodge. Our beautiful property is nestled in the rolling hills of the Laurel Highlands and offers the ideal backdrop for those wishing to reconnect with nature — and themselves! Browse our selection of luxurious cabins today, for example, and decide which one you’ll stay in! They all come with high-end amenities, like modern bathrooms, kitchenettes, coffee makers, gas fireplaces, exquisite linens and bath products, and more. Wake up in the morning to the soothing sounds of birds chirping outside your window and join us for a lavish breakfast. We make heavenly pancakes that pair fabulously well with our homemade maple syrup!

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