The PA Maple Festival & Everything You Need to Know

The culture of the Laurel Highlands is truly unique. Not only do locals foster relationships with one another but also maintain strong ties to the surrounding nature. In fact, many of the festivals revolve around the special connections to our region by being set in the outdoors. Take the PA Maple Festival in Meyersdale as an example. This annual event continues to celebrate over 70 years of tradition by highlighting the essence of spring by highlighting the first tapping of various maple trees in the Laurel Highlands. Held the last two weeks of March, satisfy for sweet tooth by sampling syrups and indulging in other event activities. Whether you’ve experienced this marvelous celebration before or it’s your first time, you’ll be delighted by your time at this wondrous extravaganza.

The PA Maple Festival, among other events, marks the beginning of a blossoming spring. For more top ways to immerse yourself in our region, request full access to our Online Travel Guide that offers the best things to do, annual festivals, and wonderful restaurants in one convenient place. Get your free virtual tour guide at your fingertips today to begin exploring tomorrow!  

A Snapshot of Your PA Maple Festival Experience

PA Maple Festival is one of the most beloved Laurel Highlands events to attend. Before you go, review our local insights for more information and use our tips to maximize your time!  

Fun Facts About Pennsylvania Maple Syrup

A tap just like this is used to begin the PA Maple Festival in Meyersdale every year!

While this delightful addition is sweet to taste, there’s a fantastic balance of when to harvest and how to maximize the most of your tap. Many parts of western Pennsylvania maintain cooler temperatures in December, January, and February (the winter months). Snowfall and the general presence of snow make this process more delicate. The general rule of thumb is to tap the tree in both January and February to determine the flow of sap. Optimally, the temperature should be tapped after a period of warmer weather, which explains why the PA Maple Festival is held in late March. If you’re curious and wish to know more about the intricate process of producing some of the finest syrups in the United States, we encourage you to ask one of the artisans!

General Admission Information

When you make the decision to go the PA Maple Festival, you’ll be in for a treat. Tickets are only $5 for adults, and admission to the Beer & Wine Garden are $5 (including a complimentary souvenir glass) as well. We do recommend bringing cash to quickly pay at the door, and it’s an easier way to purchase food at the event. You’ll also have the option to tour a syrup making facility, so email the program at While you’re touring, you’ll also hear about the Lions Club Pancake House, a plated dinner at the Meyersdale Community Center on Main Street. Enjoy the savory pancakes, farm fresh sausage, and 100% authentic Somerset County maple syrup.  

Things to Do & See at the Festival

The Beloved Festival Park

Set in the early days of the Laurel Highlands, Festival Park provides a glimpse into the livelihood our area once maintained. Enjoy a collection of different activities like walking around the Maple Fair, perusing the Country Store, and admiring handcrafted pieces from artisans. You’ll also hear live music and see other forms of entertainment, all are sure to promote a wonderful time!

The Maple Queen

All hail the Maple Queen! Each year, high school senior girls from Somerset County compete for this esteemed honor and the opportunity for $5,500 in cash and scholarship money. In addition, the crowned queen will be the official ambassador for the PA Maple Festival and be actively involved in various events in the community. The Maple King will also be crowned, too!

The Quilt Show

One of the most popular attractions, the annual Quilt Show delights people of all ages. These handmade (some machine-made) masterpieces decorate the festival’s space with various patterns. This marvelous showcase continues to display a variety of eye-catching designs that won’t want to miss, each sponsored by a local business. If you wish to take home your favorite one, purchase tickets to enter the raffle!

Other happenings at the festival include:

  • Grand Feature Parade or the Maple Festival Parade
  • Legend of Magic Water
  • The Maple Race
  • Classic, Antique, & Hot Rod Car Show
  • Horse Pulling Contest
  • Truck & Motorcycle Show
  • Antique Tractor & Farm Show
  • The Tree Tapping Ceremony
  • Primitive Camping Program

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Another amenity at Oak Lodge is our grand breakfast. Served daily and complimentary for guests, enjoy the rich cuisine prepared by Matt, our innkeeper, himself. To complete your five-star meal, add a bottle of Jimberg Syrup. It’s not only a wonderful PA maple syrup for sale, but it also comes from trees on the property. In fact, you may even wish to take a bottle (or two) home with you. We can’t wait to host you this year!