Here’s What You Need to Know About the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival

perspective shot of endless forrest with overlaying text download our free vacation guideAre you a history buff looking to have some fun? If so, you’re going to love this blog. Every August and September, you can step back in time at the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival! This highly anticipated event features fun activities, games, live music, and more. Read on to learn more about the festival and start planning your visit today! Don’t forget to download our free Vacation Guide for more local recommendations, including restaurants, shops, museums, outdoor adventures, and more.


Plan Your Visit to the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival!


History of the Festival

The Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival is a local tradition founded in 1994. It’s the perfect event for history buffs looking to have fun and experience life as it was in the medieval times under the reign of King Henry! Thousands of people gather each year to attend, which makes this special event one of the most popular of the summer festival, and what better way to ease into the fall than this?


General Information

The festival is located at 112 Renaissance Lane in West Newton, PA: A vast farmland that consists of more than 20 acres! It’s 40 minutes away from Pittsburgh and Oak Lodge. Adult tickets cost $23, while children between five and 11 years old can enter for $11. Note that the festival has three ATMs—one at the front gate, another inside the front entrance, and the third next to the Greek Stage.


Activities and Entertainment

Now that you know more about the Renaissance Festival, it’s time you learn about its entertainment. The festival immerses you into the magical, medieval legends that still mesmerize us today. Take a walk through the village streets and pathways, where you’ll see artisans using ancient crafting techniques, knights jousting, performers putting on a show, and more. Walk through the Enchanted Forest, watch sword duels, and enjoy several delicious treats!


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