Everything You Need to Know About Rockwood Mill Shoppes

Vacation Guide Page download with background of a waterfall in the forrestYou are in the middle of planning your vacation to the Laurel Highlands, and regardless of how exciting it is, it also has its fair share of stress. Relax! We’re here to help you decide what’s worth seeing. If you’re on a romantic getaway or visiting with your family, a great activity is to visit the Rockwood Mill Shoppes! Between entertaining shows, delicious restaurants, and unique shopping options, this facility has something for everyone. Don’t forget to download our free Vacation Guide before making your travel arrangements! Our guide has recommendations for local museums, events, restaurants, outdoor activities, and more.


Discover All the Amazing Things You Can Do at Rockwood Mill Shoppes


The Fascinating History of Rockwood Mill

There are so many things to see and do at the Rockwood Mill Shoppes, and there’s a lot of history hidden behind the walls! Originally built as a lumber mill, Rockwood was refashioned as an opera house in 1904 and hosted performances for locals. The generosity of Penrose Wolf, a Rockwood native, made it possible for rural people to discover a wider world through entertainment. The rise of motion pictures and his death in 1921 forced the opera house to close.

In 2000, for the first time in over 80 years, the doors of Rockwood Mill opened thanks to the dedication of a history lover. Now, Penrose Wolf’s legacy can live on and entertain people again.

The Opera House

Ready to experience the greatness of the Opera House at Rockwood Mill Shoppes? Before you make the trip, you should know that it’s an all-inclusive experience. You can participate in a wine tasting 30 minutes before the show begins and enjoy a fully catered dinner. There’s no need to worry about a thing; just book the show you want to see! The Opera House offers a variety of performances like folk, country, and rock concerts as well as holiday specials. Make sure you take a look at the schedule to see what’s playing during your visit.


A Variety of Shops

How could we forget about shopping? Indulge in a little retail therapy while visiting the Rockwood Mill Shoppes! You can find treasures in numerous antique stores including furniture, glassware, and other goodies. Bring back delicious baked goods, or stop and grab a bite while you’re there! The Shoppes offer homemade soups, pizzas, and fresh sandwiches every day.

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