What Can You Do at the Stone Villa Winery?

There is more to traveling than simply gazing at gorgeous landscapes and visiting historical sites. You can also treat your taste buds during your Pennsylvania getaway and visit the Stone Villa Winery! It’s not only a great way to add some flavors to your trip, but also the chance to learn everything you need to know about Pennsylvania wine. Relax on their beautiful property and enjoy one of their bottles of wine as you eat a delicious picnic in the sun and unwind from all your worries! Read on to find out all the things you can do at the Stone Villa Winery and start planning today!


Learn all the secrets of winemaking at the Stone Villa Winery while visiting Pennsylvania! There is do much to see and do in the Laurel Highlands that it can sometimes get overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time in the area! Don’t you worry; download our free Vacation Guide and navigate the surroundings like a local! Cut your planning time in half and let us tell you where to find the best restaurants, the most anticipated events, the quaintest shops, and other wonderful things!


Here’s Why You Will Have the Best Time at the Stone Villa Winery


Discover a Variety of Delicious Wines

Stone Villa Winery is a must-stop when you visit the Laurel Highlands. Wine lovers will particularly enjoy this daytime activity, and it’s less than 20 minutes away from your room at Oak Lodge! Whether you like dry wines or sweeter flavors, you will find what you need among the different whites produced at the winery! If you are in the mood for seafood back at home, try their dry riesling or villa white, or choose a Dechaunac, Chambourcin, or even a Vistonia for your red meats and poultry! They also offer dessert wines such as the Villa Spring, which goes perfectly with chocolate treats with hints of pineapple and strawberry, or their holiday special, the Christmas Rose!


Have a Relaxing Time on the Patio

Buying wine is not your only purpose when visiting Stone Villa Winery. Instead, you need to experience the place! The owners Randy and Debbie opened it in 2000 with that mindset. Once you’ve made your purchase, head over to the outside patio and relax in the sun for the rest of the afternoon! Feel the friendly atmosphere as you sip on your glass and enjoy the sweet days of summer surrounded by the ones you love. You can even bring a picnic to nibble on! Keep in mind that you need to make a reservation to buy wine and sit outside.

If you’d rather end the day at a restaurant, we also have what you need! Ligonier restaurants have amazing dishes you don’t want to miss, or stop on your way back at one of these four Donegal restaurants! The Out of Fire Cafe is a local favorite!


Stone Villa Winery is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., and on Sundays from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.


Attend Fun Events at the Stone Villa Winery

To make your visit to Stone Villa Winery even more fun, check their event page for updates! Stone Villa hosts several events during the year, such as sangria weekends, romantic extended hours, but also musical performances! Local artists like John Petrarca and John Kerr bring acoustic vibes to your tasting, but you can also get and dance to the sounds of pop bands and reggae rhythms! If you are brave enough, you might even participate in a limbo contest!


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