These 5 Things to Do Within 2 Hours of Pittsburgh Are Worth the Trip!

On a beautiful day in the Laurel Highlands, we urge all of our guests to explore our breathtaking tri-county area. Our peaceful haven offers an array of splendid activities and things to do within 2 hours of Pittsburgh. From spending your time outdoors to experiencing our culture, you’ll be delighted by our wonderful paradise and everything it has to offer!

Before planning your Pennsylvania trip, request 24-hour access to our free Online Vacation Guide! This interactive guide gives you directions to the best things to do within 2 hours of Pittsburgh including local wineries, entertainment, and historic sites. You’ll also see the featured properties and delightful amenities at Oak Lodge!

Delight in These 5 Things to Do Within 2 Hours of Pittsburgh!

Our tri-county area gives you easy access to the best ways to experience the true of Pennsylvania. With ties to the plains and the mountains, you’ll find many wonderful things to do within 2 hours of Pittsburgh!

1. Visit the Compass Inn Museum

If you want to learn about life in the 1800s, take a 1.5-hour tour of the Compass Inn Museum in Laughlintown, PA. This historic site is actually a renovated stagecoach shop from 1814 and preserves our history through period accurate pieces. On your tour, you’ll be delighted by the scenic grounds as well as the beautifully restored cookhouse, blacksmith shop, and barn!

2. Sip at Stone Villa Wine Cellars

Do you consider yourself a wine lover? If so, a visit to the Stone Villa Wine Cellars is worth your afternoon. This exquisite winery is located in Acme, PA, and showcases stunning views of the Laurel Highlands. When you visit, we recommend sampling the many signature wines including the Pinot Grigio, Cabernet, Villa Spring (citrus wine), and Stonegria (a sangria with a Stone Villa twist).

3. Tour Fallingwater

Fallingwater is one of the most famous National Historic Landmarks in Pennsylvania. When you tour this modern home, you’ll be enthralled. One of the unique features is being built atop a cascading waterfall. Frank Lloyd Wright, the architectural genius behind Fallingwater, designed this contemporary paradise for the Kauffman family. Since its construction, the public can walk through its doors for a tour. If you want to revel in its fantastic atmosphere, be sure to schedule your tour ahead of time!

4. Trailblaze Linn Run State Park

If you want to experience the beautiful mountains and spacious meadows of Rector, PA, the Linn Run State Park is the ideal place! This nature preserve features wonderful hiking spots including rigorous trails like Beams Rock and Adams Falls. And, you’ll find plenty of opportunities for kayaking, biking, sightseeing, and traveling down natural water slides!

5. Spend the Evening Listening to the Westmoreland Symphony Orchestra

Take your beloved to a delightful performance by the Westmoreland Symphony Orchestra. Situated in the illustrious Palace Theatre in downtown Greensburg, PA, this splendid showcase honors the classical measures and musical genius of Beethoven and may other composers. From the first tune to the closing serenade, it’s the perfect way to end an evening!

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