A Romantic Laurel Highlands Escape

Here’s Why You Should Enjoy a Romantic Weekend in the Laurel Highlands

How long has it been since you’ve put your relationship first? If you can’t answer right away, our guess is that it’s been much too long. It’s about time to change that pattern, and we have the perfect idea for how to do it. How about enjoying a romantic escape in the Laurel Highlands? You need to reconnect with one another and make each other the priority again, and what better backdrop to do that than the stunning Laurel Highlands? Come to Oak Lodge and enjoy a soothing vacation where the only thing you need to think about is each other. So, are you ready to take the next step? Read on to discover why you need this getaway, and start planning it today!

3 Reasons Why a Romantic Weekend in the Laurel Highlands Is What You Need

You Need to Unplug

Let’s be honest: you likely don’t take as much time off as you should. We don’t blame you! Life is busy, and there never seems to be a moment to take off and forget about it all. However, deep down, you know you need it. Going on a romantic weekend in the Laurel Highlands is a quick and easy way to unwind properly and spend quality time with your better half. There’s nothing like the fresh mountain air to rejuvenate your spirits and clear your mind!

You Need to Rekindle the Romance

Relationships often suffer from stress, so take the lead and prevent it from happening! Your romantic weekend in the Laurel Highlands is the perfect opportunity to make your significant other the priority they deserve to be. Between jobs and children, it’s often challenging to! At Oak Lodge, you’re the only two people that matter. Cozy up in one of our lavish cabins and enjoy each other’s company without distractions. 

You Need Some Pampering

If the location isn’t enough to help you unwind, we have something else in store for you. Browse our selection of spa services and bundles and pamper yourselves during your weekend getaway! Add delicious add-ons like wine and charcuterie, and book yourselves a soothing spa treatment like a couple’s massage! After all, you deserve to be treated like royalty every once in a while, and this romantic weekend is the ideal occasion.


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