Frank Loyd Wright and Fallingwater

Here’s What You Should Know About Frank Lloyd Wright and the Laurel Highlands

Are you an architecture buff? Do you enjoy learning more about the great architects of the world and their creations? If so, you’ve landed on the perfect blog. Did you know you don’t have to travel the world to see stunning architectural gems? Indeed, one of America’s greatest architects built some of his most famous houses at the heart of Pennsylvania. In this blog, learn all about Frank Lloyd Wright and the Laurel Highlands and plan a fabulous trip to see his works with your own eyes!

Facts About Frank Lloyd Wright and the Laurel Highlands You Might Not Know 

The Laurel Highlands Inspired Him 

Frank Lloyd Wright is undeniably one of the most famous American architects of the 20th century. Over the seventy years of his career, he designed more than 1,000 structures and buildings, creating a whole new era-defining style that continues to influence modern architecture today. Wright always believed in the combination of humanity and nature, hence his various designs surrounding nature. That’s why it’s no surprise the Laurel Highlands charmed him. Indeed, our lovely Pennsylvania region nestled in the hills and mountains has been a great inspiration to him and allowed him to build two of his most famous works. 

You Can Visit Two of His Houses

When it comes to famous artists like Wright, it sometimes comes as a surprise to many visitors when they discover they can visit two of the architect’s homes: Fallingwater and Kentucky Knob. We highly recommend visiting them when you come to the Laurel Highlands, for pictures cannot do justice to their genius design. 


First introduced to the world in 1938, Fallingwater is a prime example of the organic architecture Wright strived to create. It’s truly a sight to behold with its futuristic lines blending so well with the waterfall and forest surrounding it. Plan a visit to the iconic home and explore the grounds yourself. You’ll be dazzled by the open-air walkways, terraces, and stellar views. 

Kentuck Knob

As if one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s beautiful homes wasn’t enough, you can visit another one right at the heart of the Laurel Highlands! Kentuck Knob is an intricate piece designed like a hexagonal module on the crest of the hill itself! You can tour the house from March to December, except for major holidays.

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