Ice Festivals in the Laurel Highlands

Laurel Highlands Ice Festivals
Looking for a winter wonderland experience for your next getaway?

Travelling to the Laurel Highlands for a getaway in our mountains’ winter wonderland is just the tip of the iceberg on some exciting festivals you’ll want to check out! As the temperatures drop, towns welcome you to their annual Ice Festivals. Let’s explore some chill events to experience for your upcoming stay this winter.

Fire & Ice Festival

A Winter Carnival awaits visitors to Uptown Somerset’s 26th Annual Fire & Ice Festival! Food vendors, local shops, carnival games and ice sculptures await you. Grab a hot beverage at Heirloom Pines Farm to get your day started, and swing by the bonfire to warm by as you stroll through the heart of this charming small town. If you are looking to be more involved and add some cardio to warm your core for a day, be sure to sign up for the Fire & Ice 5k on January 15th. Don’t forget to stick around for some fireworks to finish the night before heading back to Oak Lodge to warm up by your own fireplace!

Ice Fest

Our very own hallmark town of Ligonier invites you to join in the fun of their annual Ice Fest! With lights still lighting the diamond, carriage rides, kettle corn, and local shops, an ice sculpture wonderland is waiting to be explored. Stop by Kingfisher Coffeehouse to grab that first hot coffee of the day, swing by any one of the shops lining the streets, and dinner over at Carol & Dave’s Roadhouse. Watch as they craft beautiful figures from blocks of ice up close in person! If you’re feeling spent after trekking across town, plan ahead by booking a spa treatment to help warm up & wind down at our Whispering Woods Spa.


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