Laurel Highlands Winter Getaway

Here’s Why You’re Going to Love Winter in the Laurel Highlands

Are you looking to book a nice winter getaway with your better half? You can’t pick a better destination than the Laurel Highlands. Picture the two of you enjoying the crisp air of the mountains, hiking in lush forests, drinking hot cocoa in town, and cuddling by a warm fireplace at night. Sounds idyllic, doesn’t it? Make it your reality this season at Oak Lodge! In this blog, we’ll give you three reasons why spending winter in the Laurel Highlands is a fabulous idea and a great opportunity to unwind. So, read on, take notes, and book your stay with us!

3 Reasons to Spend the Winter in the Laurel Highlands

You Avoid the Crowds

One of the biggest perks of visiting the Laurel Highlands in the winter is the lack of crowds! Indeed, you can enjoy the beautiful, local attractions and restaurants downtown without having to worry about being stuck in a line or feeling overwhelmed. It’s a great time to visit for couples looking to get away from their busy routines or for families wishing to have a quiet vacation!

You Can Make the Most of the Mountains

Another great reason why winter in the Laurel Highlands is fabulous is that you get to enjoy the best outdoor activities! Indeed, depending on which month you stay in the area, you can enjoy fresh, powdery snow on the mountains to go skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, and more! If you visit earlier in the year (November-December), you can still go on scenic hikes through the woods and bike around on the many local trails. 

You Can Cozy Up

Lastly, one of the many pleasures of a winter getaway is the opportunity to snuggle up by a warm fireplace and enjoy a cup of cocoa or wine! We’re calling on all the couples out there: Picture yourselves cuddled up in a warm blanket by a gas fireplace in one of our cabins, watching the crackling logs, warming your hands around a hot mug, listening to your favorite tunes, or watching a movie. You can also add one of Whispering Woods Spa Indulgences to treat yourself to some additional pampering!


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