Jimberg Maple Syrup

Jimberg Maple Syrup

Jimberg Maple Syrup

The Oak Lodge family began producing Jimberg Maple Syrup in 1998. After borrowing 15 taps from a friend, a few buckets and a stainless steel sink; we managed to produce about 5 gallons of syrup that year. Now producing hundreds of gallons a year and still growing, we are mindful of our humble beginnings.

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Maple Syrup
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Jimberg Maple Syrup
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Jimberg Maple Syrup

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Syrup by the Jug

Gallon Jug – $48.00

Pint Jug – $10.00

Half Gallon Jug – $26.00

Half Pint Jug – $7.00

Quart Jug – $18.00

Gifts & Sweet Treats

Maple Sugar 10oz – $12.50

Fine Maple Sugar 1lb – $14.00

Maple Cotton Candy – $4.00

Maple Candy Peanuts – $4.00

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