Farmhouse 1868 is a privately owned vacation home with a long local history.

Around 1867, Ann (King) Roadman (1799 – 1884) lived in an old log house that used to be located where the Farmhouse 1868 springhouse currently stands.The farm was known as the King Farm at that time. The log home had previously been an old Tavern, a place for travelers to stop along their way between Somerset and Greensburg. Ann had made it her home.Farmhouse 1868

In 1868, Ann’s son John Roadman (1821-1902) and his wife Johanna (Hess) Roadman (1849 – 1927), pictured above, built Farmhouse 1868 as it stands today. John and Johanna’s son Walter was 4 years old and remembers watching the original bricks being formed and fired right on the farm by a gentlemen named John Chestnut.

Years later, in 1895, Walter Roadman (1865-1953) moved back into the family farmhouse with his bride, Maude Patterson Powers (1864-1947).The young family is pictured in the photo to the left, along with a family of tenant farmers. The Roadmans had three daughters: Mabel, Phyllis and Irene. Around 1920, Maude convinced Walter to move closer to the center of Stahlstown and lease the family farm to tenant farmers.

Walter and Maude’s daughter Mabel Roadman married William Frank Hood (d.1973) and they had five children. Their daughter Phyllis Mildred Newell (1910-2007), along with her husband Ernest Newell moved into the farmhouse in 1934. They raised milking cows, chickens, pigs, sheep, ducks and turkeys. Together they had six children.

Ernest aFarmhousend Phyllis finally purchased the farm from Phyllis’ father, Walter, in 1951. The land contained 225 acres, more or less, of the original King Farm.

In 2000, the current owners, James and Vanita Oeschlager, purchased the farm from Phyllis. She continued to live in the farmhouse until her passing at age 97. After purchasing the property, the Oelschlager’s made some updates to the original barn, added Lake Phyllis and remodeled the interior of the farmhouse. The original bricks and structure remained intact!

We know that many more years of memories will continue to be made in this historical farmhouse!!

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