Services at our Laurel Highlands Spa

Enjoy a massage at the Laurel Highlands spa located at Oak Lodge. Our spa services include Swedish massages, head and foot massages and more. All massages must be booked in advance at our Laurel Highlands spa.

Swedish Massage | 60 minutes $100

Release everyday stress and tension with this most familiar of all massage techniques. This gentle, full-body massage will induce relaxation, rejuvenation and increase your body’s circulation.

Deep Tissue Muscle Massage | 60 minutes $100

Designed for the fitness minded. This sports massage releases deeply held muscle tensions and stress. This is the perfect ending to a great workweek or tough day.

Thai Yoga Massage | 60 minutes $120

This massage integrates stretching and assisted yoga positions and can be customized based on your body type and any areas yyou’dlike to receive special attention.

Illuminating Facial Treatment | 60 minutes $100

This uplifting organic treatment is uniquely customized by your skincare professional specifically for you! This technique is beneficial for all skin types, even the most sensitive, and can especially focus on dry skin, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation. Included is a deep cleanse, an advanced yet gentle Amethyst polishing exfoliation that sweeps away lifeless cells (to allow the rejuvenated skin to absorb more oxygen and nutrients to create pure vibrancy). Then, formulated probiotic masks and antioxidant treatments are added with a nourishing deep penetrating serum to the neck, decollete and shoulders. Therapies are accompanied by either a warm herbal poultice or hot river stones then topped off with an Amber-firming protein mask and elixir to moisturize and protect your beautiful new glow from harmful environmental elements as you return to your day.

Reiki Energy Balancing | 60 minutes $100

Re-connect with your inner healer to unblock energy flow between your 7 main chakra systems. This technique leads to emotional, mental & physical comfort, ease, and greater health. Energy healing is a wonderful time to reflect on gratitude and inner peace. Guided meditations and positive affirmations may be used to enhance intentions and are renowned for a deeper connection to mind-body-emotion.

Laurel Mountain Essential Touch | 60 minutes $100

There’s nothing more therapeutic than finding inner peace and tranquility while building your immune system, fighting inflammation and bringing your body back to homeostasis. With a special unity of eight essential oils and a harmonizing combination of warm herbal poultices, gently applied to your back, hands and feet…this deluxe treatment will help you soften tight muscles, stimulate blood flow and open energy pathways.



Scheduling Your Appointment

We recommend at least a one-week advance reservation for any of our services. This ensures you will receive the treatment you want as close to your preferred time as possible. For reservations and information, please call Oak Lodge at 724-593-2913.

Arrival Time

We recommend reserving your appointments prior to your arrival at Oak  Lodge. We also suggest you arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. Arriving late will deprive you of treatment time.

Apparel During Treatment

Please remove your jewelry and leave it in your room prior to your treatment. We recommend stepping into our pool indoor pool or spa tub prior to your treatment to aid in relaxation. All of our clients are professionally draped at all times. Please discuss any clothing concerns with your therapist if necessary.

Medical Conditions or Allergies

If you have any allergies or medical conditions, please discuss this with your therapist before treatment has begun. You should also let the staff know when you make your reservation. A handwritten doctor’s consent is required for any serious medical conditions or if you are pregnant.

Cancellation Policy

All Spa Packages require a 48 hour cancellation notice. Less than 48 hours or a no-show will result in full charge.


For reservations and information, please call Oak Lodge at 724-593-2913.