Services at our Laurel Highlands Spa

Enjoy a massage at the Laurel Highlands spa located at Oak Lodge. Our spa services include Swedish massages, head and foot massages and more. All massages must be booked in advance at our Laurel Highlands spa.

Swedish Massage | 60 min – $100   

Release everyday stress and tension with this most familiar of all massage techniques. This gentle, full-body massage will induce relaxation, rejuvenation and increase your body’s circulation.

Deep Tissue Muscle Massage | 60 minutes $110

Designed for the fitness minded. This sports massage releases deeply held muscle tensions and stress. This is the perfect ending to a great workweek or tough day.

Customized European Face Treatment | $100

A face treatment made just for you! This elaborate treatment includes a relaxing face, décolleté, neck and shoulder massage. Treatment is customized for your individual needs through essential oil and minerals. To top it off, every facial treatment comes with a heated hand and foot massage to promote full-body wellbeing.

Essential Touch Aromatherapy | 60 minutes | $120

This one-hour session includes a private consultation to get to know what oils may best support you. We then share a complimentary Essential Oil Body Nourishment Technique called AromaTouch that is applied very gently to your spine, back and feet for optimizing your immune system, soothing any inflammation, reducing stress and assisting your body back into an overall balance called homeostasis. This is not a massage but a light touch technique that can have a sugar scrub added for extra pampering!


Scheduling Your Appointment

We recommend at least a one-week advance reservation for any of our services. This ensures you will receive the treatment you want as close to your preferred time as possible. For reservations and information, please call Oak Lodge at 724-593-2913.

Arrival Time

We recommend reserving your appointments prior to your arrival at Oak  Lodge. We also suggest you arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. Arriving late will deprive you of treatment time.

Apparel During Treatment

Please remove your jewelry and leave it in your room prior to your treatment. We recommend stepping into our pool indoor pool or spa tub prior to your treatment to aid in relaxation. All of our clients are professionally draped at all times. Please discuss any clothing concerns with your therapist if necessary.

Medical Conditions or Allergies

If you have any allergies or medical conditions, please discuss this with your therapist before treatment has begun. You should also let the staff know when you make your reservation. A handwritten doctor’s consent is required for any serious medical conditions or if you are pregnant.

Cancellation Policy

All Spa Packages require a 48 hour cancellation notice. Less than 48 hours or a no-show will result in full charge.


For reservations and information, please call Oak Lodge at 724-593-2913.