Café Dodie

Made with Love

Over in the farthest, northern corner of the Laurel Highlands sits a dainty shop known as Café Dodie. This newer coffee spot can be found in Davidsville located in Somerset County. With its mix of colorful modern & retro accents, this shop is known for being the well-loved local stop. Serving up Pittsburgh & Indiana based Commonplace Coffee, the drinks are more than sublime. Grab a bubbly mocktail or switch things up for the best London Fog in the mountains. Did we forget to mention the macarons? Please be sure to snag a few, you won’t regret it!

With truly aesthetic socials, this vibrant little shop won’t disappoint when you go for your visit. Their seasonal drinks are also top tier, with tastes matching the vibe of each of our wild highland seasons. Whether you are on your drive home from Oak Lodge passing through or heading out towards some more historic landmarks in Somerset & Cambria counties, this shop should be top on your list of stops. Pop on in & make a friend at Café Dodie. Check out their Socials & Vibe below!

Take a Sip in the Laurel Highlands